Design Process

There are several stages in the process of designing and making your kitchen.

First, we arrange a meeting, or communicate by email and phone, to discuss your ideas, requirements, likes and dislikes, and the particular possibilities and constraints of the room. Then we produce a plan – overhead view – of the kitchen and a costing based on the plan and a description of the cabinetry. We set out various options.

If at this stage you are interested in pursuing the project further  with us, we discuss any revisions you might wish to make to the original specifications and aim to fine-tune any decisions about appliances, materials and hardware. We then provide you with detailed elevational views and a fixed quotation.

Once you make an order we agree a schedule for making and fitting your kitchen. And finally our team of five skilled and experienced furniture makers build and fit your kitchen.

Our Values

This is what is important to us:

  • good communication with the customer so that we understand what you want and you are clear about what we are intending to make and how much it will cost
  • excellence in design and workmanship
  • use of sustainably sourced timber
  • punctual delivery and installation