Bookcase Doors

Bookcase doors give delight to adults and children alike and we enjoy making them. At one level they are just a simple joke. But they also offer a practical solution to book storage, as well as looking good. We tend to make two different types:


Bookcase Style 1

The first type of bookcase door has no frame attached to it. The bare edges of the bookcase close against a door frame fixed to the building.

This type of bookcase door is hinged at the back and opens away from the room into which the bookcase faces. The hinges are not visible from the bookcase side and it is really quite hard to tell that it’s an opening bookcase.


Bookcase Style 2

The second type of bookcase door has a frame fixed to the front edges of the bookcase and the hinges are fitted to this frame. We will then make a (second) heavy-duty ‘door’ frame for the bookcase to be hinged to

This type of bookcase opens out into the room in which the bookcase is facing. This type of door works well for larders that lead off kitchens. With both types of bookcase doors, we usually fix slightly raised strips on the shelves to retain the books.