Veneers are thin slices of solid timber. Once glued to a man-made substrate, they look like wood but are more obedient. They are stable. You can match through a veneer over a whole run of cabinet doors and drawers, giving a very satisfying result.

We have made a few kitchens in teak, originally inspired by a photograph of one in a 1950’s New York loft apartment. Teak has a rich, deep quality.


We first lip the edges of the door and drawer panels with solid wood. We then construct ‘handles’ with oval cutouts and recess them into the panels.


We veneer over all of the panels including the handles. We then cut away the veneer around the handle slots.


We usually let in the recessed handles horizontally, but in this kitchen, made of veneered Steamed Pearwood run, we positioned them vertically.