Designing a Bespoke Kitchen in Berkshire

We design, make and install bespoke kitchens all over the South of England, including in Berkshire. We treat kitchen design as a collaboration between the customer and ourselves.  We see our job as first listening to what our customers want and then coming up with solutions and a design for how to achieve it. We employ highly skilled craftsmen and use the best materials we can source.

We were contacted by a potential customer in Reading, Berkshire. They knew they wanted a bespoke, individually designed kitchen rather than one from a showroom They had seen and liked a teak-veneered kitchen on our website. They wanted something similar but it also had to be very specific to their space. We met and talked it through and after several drawing revisions we agreed on the design.

We specially-veneered door and drawer panels so that the teak grain follows through horizontally in a very aesthetically pleasing way.  We inserted recessed teak handles and then veneered over the top of them. We then routed out the veneer to reveal the handles.

The granite worktops have spectacular figuring. There is both strong visual interest and a calm, clean feel to the kitchen.