Bespoke Kitchens in Dorset

What we mean by ‘bespoke kitchens’ is that the kitchens we make are individually designed and made for each customer.

While it is true that we have developed our own in-house preferred way of doing things, for example using oak- or maple- veneered panels for the interiors of our cupboards, if the customer wants something different then we are happy to oblige. We actively enjoy the variety of different designs that we make.

There is no need for us to design cupboards of standard widths or depths as we cut out the cupboard panels individually. This means we are particularly well-suited to designing and making kitchens in the many old, eccentric-walled houses that Dorset has.

So much for ‘bespoke’. The phrase ‘handmade kitchens’, often used to describe individually designed and made kitchens, is something of a misnomer. We have modern panel saws and planer thicknesses and spindle moulders and we use them day in, day out. We do not rely solely on hand tools.

But nor do we rely solely on the machines. All of our makers are skilled furniture makers and they are constantly interchanging their use of hand planes and chisels with the speed and power and accuracy of the machines. Sometimes there is a blurring of the two where, for example, a maker uses a hand held router with such precision and skill that he is in effect using it as a hand tool.

So, ‘handmade kitchens’ is a shorthand term to indicate not only the individuality of our kitchens but also the emphasis we put on our craftsmen’s woodworking skills and their attention to detail.
Craigie Woodworks fit bespoke kitchens throughout Dorset. In recent years we have designed and fitted handmade kitchens in Sherborne, Shaftesbury, Stalbridge as well as several around Sturminster Newton. Last month we delivered a freestanding painted island to a beautiful house near Bridport